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MWcreation - high quality organic handbags



MWCEATION hand stitched leather bags. With our design we care for the simple look. Keeping the expression of the raw material with our final touch. Only using the best materials, taking the time it takes to create a life time lasting product.

"When essence is quality and it takes time"

High quality:

MWCREARION leather bags are of highest qualtiy.

Our skinds are carfully chosen and tanned with care. Colloring is in natural colors, making our process all organic.

Each bag is hand stitched - taking an avarage of twenty man hours to produce and for our large models up to thirty man hours.

Accessories are carefully chosen and we are only working with certified YKK zippers - all to make sure our bags are a life lasting product.


Our goal:

MWCREATION main goal is high quality to reansonble price.

A quality product doesn't have to cost a fortune. We desing and create our products based on the classic lines, not being in or going out of fashion.

We do our best keeping the selling price down and making it easy and simple for our customers to deal with us. No hidden cost or fees.

The more succes you give us with our leather bags the more we can give back by training & activating more people in a country where times are tuff. We are not a registred fair trade company, but we do everything we can to secure a fair trade with our local suppliers and making sure the team around MWCREATION are well paid as well having favorable working conditions.